Wyoming Services for Independent Living



About Us

We are in Independent Living Center whose goal is to help individuals with a disability live as independently as they choose to, have access to their community and enjoy a high quality of life. WSIL is a non-profit organization that has been serving individuals with a disability in western Wyoming since 1994. We do not charge fees to anyone who participates in our programs.
WSIL offers four programs: independent living including offering assistance to individuals who are currently residing in, or are at risk of entering, a long-term care facility but could return/remain in the community with appropriate housing, services and support; transportation; long term in-home care case management; and business advocacy.
WSIL's programs are available to individuals with any type of disability including: physical, visual, hearing, sensory, mental health, emotional and communicative and any business that may employ persons with disabilities, understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable acoomodations and assistance locating resources and options as an employer..