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''In 1914, the University Bulletin described UW's mission for statewide outreach by stating ''The University of Wyoming wishes to meet the educational needs of the people of Wyoming in all feasible ways. The services of the faculty, the resources of the libraries and laboratories, should be made available not merely for the young people who come to its campus, but also for citizens in their homes throughout the state.'' Nearly 100 years later*, the UW Outreach School continues to embody the spirit of this mission by delivering the University's educational programs and learning opportunities to the people of Wyoming and beyond through innovative teaching, technologies, and forums. ..The Outreach School understands the challenges facing non-traditional students who work, have families, and take classes. We also understand the challenges of more traditional students who choose to stay in their communities to finish their UW degree programs. The Outreach School facilitates the learning of students statewide by placing staff at regional centers statewide, scheduling courses and delivering degree programs to meet the needs of a variety of learners, and partnering with Wyoming's excellent community colleges.''

Written Maggie Maier Murdock, Ph.D. in the Summer/Fall 2013 Outreach Credit Course Bulletin.