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9:30 AM
Reverend Walt Seeley
307-679-1041 waltseeley@yahoo.com
Reverend Janet Seeley
307-679-1042 j_seeley@ymail.com
Deacon Linda Hudson
Office Hours Monday - Thursday 9am - Noon
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Trinity Episcopal Church is a spiritual community that embraces diversity. We worship, celebrate, study, play, and grow together as Christians.

Our liturgy, based on the earliest known Christian traditions of worship, comforts and excites us. Our theological and biblical study challenges us, and we challenge one another, recognizing that with God there are no easy answers.

We, all the members, are active ministers who strive to do Christ’s work in the home, the workplace, the neighborhoods, the schools, and the playing fields, every day.

Trinity is....A place for service: Just as Jesus Christ came “not to be ministerd unto, but to minister.” We accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others.
A place for Worship: The primary reason we meet together is to focus on our attention on God, giving Him our worship and receiving His blessing and inspiration.
A place for friendship. Nothing quite compares to the joy of Christian friendship. That's why we make it a priority to build lasting bonds between the members of our church family; bonds of concern and a genuine commitment to each other.
A place for learning: Studying the Bible is vital because it not only instructs us intellectually, but also guides us spiritually