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Slow Goat Farm

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''Our passion is providing healthy, local food to ourselves and our community. We produce local cheese, goat milk soaps, pasture raised eggs and meat chickens.''
We specialize in raw cheeses. We thermize our milk: a process where milk is heated to a temperature high enough to kill unwanted bacteria without destroying naturally good bacteria, enzymes, and proteins found in raw milk. Our cheeses have a richer, more complex flavor when the milks natural bacteria can thrive!
We strive to provide our community with unique specialty cheeses you can not normally find. We are thankful to share our love of animals and our passion for cheese with all of you!
We are a micro dairy producing small batch, farmstead, artisan cheese from our Nigerian Dwarf goats, East Friasian sheep, and Jersey/Holstein cow. It is our goal to produce some of the best raw milk cheeses you’ve ever had! We love experimenting with new and exciting varieties as well as enjoying some of the old classics.


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