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About Us

Welcome to Wind River Outdoor Company (WROC) - Wyoming’s premier specialty outdoor and fly shop. WROC is located on the eastern front of the most rugged and isolated wilderness area in the Lower 48 – the Wind River Mountain Range. Full of trout, small and big game, and more trails than a person could hike or bike in a lifetime, this area allows our staff to be a wealth of knowledge for outdoors people across the Country.

The WROC team is tough, honest, and genuine, with a desire to help customers. At WROC, our motto is simple – be the best in everything we do and offer. That means we are knowledgeable, genuine, sincere, and honest in all dealings with all our customers near and far.

Next time you are in the Lander, WY area, stop in and chat with us! Enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold beer, and let’s talk about your next fishing adventure, the fall hunting seasons, or some far off Steelhead stream. Our staff is here to make you feel welcome and confident in the great outdoors.