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I am certified in all of the following modalities. I customize your massage to fit your specific needs utilizing all of my knowledge base.
Hot Stones, Pregnancy, & Chair Massages must be requested in advance so that I can be properly prepared at the appointment time.
SWEDISH A full body treatment using light to medium pressure to induce deep relaxation and restoration. Sports Massage A focused therapy addressing particular muscle groups responsible for discomfort and pain.
DEEP TISSUE A full body treatment focusing on chronic muscle tension using medium to deep pressure and trigger point therapy to release chronic pain.
REFLEXOLOGY A profoundly relaxing detoxification treatment that focus’s on the feet and hands. Includes organic massage lotion/oil, customized organic aromatherapy & hot wraps.
CRANIAL Sacral A deeply relaxing and powerful treatment focusing on the head using light touch and energy work to release deep seeded, chronic emotional tension.
Manual LYMPHATIC Drainage A light pressure treatment. Highly effective in the treatment of post surgery fluid retention, excess water retention, expediting weight loss, and promoting detoxification.
Pregnancy Massage Massage tailored to the specific comfort and precautionary needs associated with pregnancy.
HOT STONE MASSAGE A full body treatment using hot stones as the primary tool to relieve muscle tension promoting deep relaxation.
CHAIR MASSAGE A fully clothed treatment conducted in a chair specially designed for deep relaxation.