Holy Rosary Catholic Church



About Us

Holy Rosary is a parish of the Diocese of Cheyenne located in Lander, Wyoming. The city of Lander sits at the base of the southern end of the Wind River Mountain range in west central Wyoming. The first Catholic Church in Lander was built in 1882 before Wyoming had even become a state in the Union. The current church building and parish hall were completed in 1966 and an education building was completed in 1980. The pastor of Holy Rosary Parish also ministers to the two mission churches attached to Holy Rosary Parish Ascension Mission in Hudson, and Saint Brendan Mission in Jeffrey City.

Besides being the spiritual home for Lander's Catholic community and the many travelers and outdoor adventurists who come through the area each year, Holy Rosary is also serving as the interim campus for the nation's newest Catholic college, Wyoming Catholic College. Wyoming Catholic College is a four-year college which offers a liberal arts education. The curriculum is devoted to the formation of the whole person: mind, body and soul. Studies include the classics of imaginative literature, history, mathematics, science, philosophy, fine arts and theology. Wyoming Catholic College has drawn students from all over the United States and graduated its first class on May 14, 2011.