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About Us

Aspenglow OBGYN is dedicated to the health of women of all ages. Our specialty focuses on the reproductive system in women of all ages. From infertility to prenatal care to hormone replacement therapy and much more, we are here to help.
At Aspenglow OBGYN we offer a wide range of general care in both obstetrics as well as gynecology. Additionally we have a special interest experience and expertise in multiple areas within our specialty. Dr Holt practiced as a registered pharmacist for 12 years before attending medical school. Upon completion of medical school he went onto spend a year as a Family Medicine intern before then spending an additional 4 years as a resident in obstetrics and gynecology. During those 4 years at the University of Kansas Medical Center he furthered his knowledge in obstetrics as well as infertility, gynecologic oncology, the treatment of gynecological disease with surgical as well as non-surgical methods and received extensive training in both minimally invasive surgery as well as the treatment of urologic disorders in women. It is this unique combination of training and experience that allows our staff to provide you the specialized care you need and deserve.


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