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Fremont Knives is a bit different for a reason. It works. We are quite simply ''knife guys''. We didn't grow up. We love toys. We have big mouths and have ''attitudes'' that our teachers warned our parents were bad, but they work for us. Our tools are simple and functional. (and UNIQUE!!!) They are based on sound functional ideas, BUT THEY ARE NOT TRADITIONAL. If this is not who you are, please move on . . . you are screwing up our ''bounce rate''.
Love always, Fremont Knives

We choose to live, work and play in the west, out here ''Survival'', ''Self Reliance'', ''Honesty'' and ''Integrity'' are not themes of a marketing strategy or the punchline to a trendy ''Doomsday Prepper'' joke, they are things we do every day, all day. We don't always need a knife, but we typically feel out of place with out one in our pocket. When the need arises for the use of a quality knife, we reach for a ''Fremont knife.''

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