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The Dubois Museum: Wind River Historical Center is one of three museums operated by Fremont County. Located in the Upper Wind River Region, the Dubois Museum focuses on Native American history & culture, the Tie Hack Industry, Guest Ranch history and geology.


Painted Elk Hide
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Geology Trek
Bomber Crash Site
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Embedded Big Horn Sheep Horns
Dubois Museum Day


“Dubois Museum Day”
“Dubois Museum Day”
“Annual Mystery Sheep Trap Trek”
  • Dubois Museum & National Bighorn Sheep Center will host an amazing journey into history on this Wind River Visitors Council Adventure Trek July 12th from 9-3pm.
  • Tuesday Jul 12, 2022
“Astronomy of the Summer Sky”
  • We will begin with class time inside, followed by a trip in cars to a designated location to look at the white lights in the summer sky.
  • Saturday Jul 30, 2022
“Brooks Lake Lodge Ranch Tour”
  • Join Brooks Lake Lodge and Dubois Museum staff for a tour of the historic Brooks Lake Lodge. Originally constructed in 1922.
  • Tuesday Aug 2, 2022
“The Wild Country and Homesteaders of WY”
  • This Wyoming Community Bank Discovery Speakers Series will teach us about some of the “Hollywood” ties to Dubois and the truths of early homesteading in Wyoming
  • Friday Aug 5, 2022
“Sublette Pass History Trek”
  • Difficult hike, approximately 4 miles. Bring bear spray, bug spray, hiking boots, trekking poles, water, and lunch required.
  • Tuesday Aug 9, 2022
“The Story in the Rocks”
  • Learn about the differences between the volcanic activity that formed the Absaroka range vs. volcanism associated with the Yellowstone hotspot.
  • Thursday Aug 11, 2022
“Spring Mountain Geology Trek”
  • Join us to explore the geological record of the northern margin of the Wind River basin, via a trek up the back side of Spring Mountain.
  • Friday Aug 12, 2022
Annual Tie Hack Trek
  • This year we will follow the tie hacks up the West Dunoir Valley to see where they harvested ties, stacked the ties, and where the main headquarters was.
  • Tuesday Aug 16, 2022
“Trumpeter Swans in the Area”
  • New technology is now allowing us to track individual swans and discover more about their migration and habitat use in Wyoming and beyond.
  • Thursday Aug 18, 2022