Infrastructure and Device Technician

Posted: 11/21/2021

Lander, Wyoming
An Equal Opportunity Employer
November 17, 2021
POSITION: Infrastructure and Device Technician
LOCATION: Central Office - IT
SALARY: $15.06/hr. minimum (260 days for full year); full benefits
WORK SCHEDULE: Monday-Friday, 7:00 am-4:00 pm
START DATE: As soon as possible
APPLY BY: December 6, 2021

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED with at least three years appropriate experience. Low-voltage electrical certification is preferred but not required. We are open to candidates with enthusiasm, aptitude, and motivation for learning information technology related to education.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Infrastructure and Device Technician is done for the purposes of installing, managing, troubleshooting, and monitoring District infrastructure; coordinating, managing, troubleshooting, and repairing District devices; resolving software and hardware problems; developing and delivering job aides; and instructing staff in the use of systems and applications.
The general duties include:
· Administers district policies regarding the use of student and staff technology;
· Performs a wide variety of network-related actions as directed (basic wire troubleshooting, basic wiring setup and location, phone management, wireless mapping, basic server management) for purpose of optimizing and maintaining overall connectivity;
· Performs a wide variety of technology-related actions on system and components - installation, testing, configuring, repairing, etc.
· Records, reports, and correspondence – prepares correspondence as needed, receives and processes work orders, and compiles pertinent data for required reports.
· Maintains documents, files and records - licenses, work logs, etc.
·Troubleshoots user issues with computer workstations and servers.
· Provides training to users - teachers, staff, administrators, etc.
· Develops job user aids and supplemental instructions for the purpose of enhancing staff ability to utilize computer software applications.
· Responds to inquiries from a variety of stakeholders - teachers, staff, administrators for the purpose of ensuring continual and effective use of District technology systems.

TO APPLY: Visit our website at, click on the ‘Departments’ tab, go to ‘Human Resources’ and then go to ‘Applications’. Follow the instructions for completing the online application.
Phone: 307-332-4711

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