Executive Director & a Business Manager

Posted: 12/05/2021

Executive Director

Position Requirements

Formal Education: Master’s degree in one or more of the following categories; Public Administration, School Administration, Special Education, or Early Childhood Education or a minimum of a bachelor’s degree plus 5 years work experience in one of the above-listed areas.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Knowledge of Public Law (I.D.E.A.) and the Wyoming Department of Special Education Chapter 7 Services for Children with Disabilities.
  • Practical and administrative experience.
  • Experience with fiscal management, fundraising, grant preparation and administration, and staff supervision.
  • Assessment materials and ECSE curriculum


The Executive Director supervises, manages, and administers all functions of the program. He/she provides a comprehensive, coordinated early childhood/child care and special education/early intervention program in compliance with the goals and objectives of the Fremont County Child Developmental Services as well as state and federal rules and regulations pertaining to the services provided. The Executive Director also will ensure that the Board of Directors is fully informed of all aspects of the agency program. This is an exempt position under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Financial Management:

Develop and implement the annual budget based on funds generated through federal, state, and local sources.

Operational Management:

Implement service delivery systems.

Personnel Management:

  • Keep abreast of personnel matters at all sites.
  • Coordinate staff efforts to provide for smooth, comprehensive, high quality services to children and families.
  • Plan and coordinate staff training.
  • Handle employee concerns and grievances in the manner specified in the CDS Policies and Procedures.
  • Accept resignations and make disciplinary decisions, including decisions to terminate employees.
  • Recruit and hire employees as needed.

Business Manager

CREDENTIALS: An associate’s degree in a business-related field is preferred.


Three years of successful experience in a business field with an emphasis in bookkeeping. Knowledge of computers required.

REPORTS TO: The Executive Director


  • Maintains confidentiality with all aspects of our program, including personnel issues, clients and client files.
  • General Responsibilities:
  • Maintains confidentiality with all aspects of our program, including but not limited to client files, personnel and administrative issues of the organization.
  • Provide assistance to the Executive Director, board and staff.
  • Be responsible for all office procedures.
  • Maintains a current and accurate accounting system.
  • Provides monthly financial reports to the Executive Director and Board of Directors.
  • Assist in preparation of State and Federal reports.
  • Administrates financial records, payments of all financial obligations (including payroll, payroll taxes and accounts payable) and benefits.
  • Cooperates with state, federal and independent auditors in their review of financial records.
  • Maintains and updates file system.
  • Administrative Responsibilities:
  • Assists with defining policies related to center functioning and maintaining appropriate insurance for the program, (liability and health).
  • Assists in handling daily problems related to the administration of centers.
  • Assists in writing grants and procuring funds from various funding sources.
  • Complies with Federal and Wyoming State Rules and Regulation and any other state and federal funding status pertaining to the program.

Fiscal Management:

  • Assists Executive Director in preparing and managing the budget.
  • Assists Executive Director in operating the program within the budget.
  • Assists the Executive Director in reporting on the budget to the board on a monthly basis.

Personnel Management:

  • Assist in reviewing job descriptions prepared for staff.
  • Assists in planning, implementing and evaluating in-service training with the assistance of staff.
  • Engages in cooperative program planning with staff.
  • Maintains a professional relationship with staff members.
  • Assists with developing and implementing staff policies and procedures with the assistance of staff.
  • Evaluate all supervised and assigned staff on an annual basis, in line with the policy governance set forth by the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain and increase professional growth through attendance at various workshops and in-services relating to the profession, as well as keeping abreast of new literature in the field.
  • Maintain regular and continuous liaison with the Executive Director to keep him/her informed of significant events in the program, staffing and personnel, community, and client issues.

All positions are paid over 12 months and CDS has a great benefits package for full-time employees that include: Health, Vision, Dental, AFLAC, Life insurance, Teladoc, FSA (medical and Dependent care), Wyoming Retirement, and sick/personal.

More information on each opening is listed on our website www.cdsfc.org.

Please send resume to P.O. Box 593, Lander, WY 82520 or email cdsopportunities@cdsfc.org.Please call 332-5508/856-4337 or visit our website www.cdsfc.org for an application.

Closing date: until position filled

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