Western Wyoming Medical, LLC



About Us

Western Wyoming Medical LLC (WESTERN WYOMING MEDICAL LLC) is a Ambulatory Surgery Center in Lander, Wyoming. Ambulatory surgery centers (or outpatient surgery centers) are health care facilities where surgical procedures not requiring an overnight hospital stay are performed.
Western Wyoming Medical is providing world-class care by using a compassionate and comprehensive approach to precision rural medicine.
We’re taking an individualized approach to each and every patient, accounting for everything from lifestyle habits, location, and family history to provide world-class cardiovascular care—all from Lander, Wyoming.
Our team is dedicated to being advocates of secondary prevention, meaning our support reaches our patients through education around prevention and measures to take against future complications.

We understand the importance of decision-making when it comes to health care for you and your family. Patients at Western Wyoming Medical can expect world-class procedures and service, while also being equipped with the knowledge to be successful in the stages leading up to—as well as following—treatment.
Our team works closely with each patient to develop a customized healthcare plan that is both targeted and effective. From routine diagnostics to specialized procedures, Western Wyoming Medical specialists are equipped to provide optimum care in cardiovascular medicine.