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DID YOU KNOW PRIVATE DOCUMENTS ARE VULNERABLE TO THEFT? Paper shredding effectively removes and protects organizations and innocent third parties both from the known and unknown.

Businesses and homeowners are constantly under attack for their valuable information. 307 Shredding, LLC offers a smarter way to shred your private, personal, and business information. Paper shredding is a straight-forward and economically cost effective solution for destroying confidential information, and it simultaneously reduces costs associated records storage and handling. Document shredding services cost a few cents per pound, and compared to all the costs associated with data breaches, it’s a cheap form of insurance. By using 307 Shredding, LLC, you save employees time and focus on important projects in the workplace, instead of worrying about a growing mountain of files that need shredding.

We offer both residential and business shredding services at competitive pricing and price matching by providing one-time or recurring, on-site and secure shredding services with NO CONTRACTS!