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Zanmai Lunch Specials!
New to the menu! Zanmai Lunch Specials

Steak Taco $7, thin sliced marinated beef, fresh cabbage slaw, cilantro, lime and Japanese sour cream

Korean Steak Sandwich $7, thin sliced marinate beef, kimchi, cilantro and special spicy mayo

Korean Burger Sliders $7, two marinated hand patty ground beef sliders, fresh carrot daikon slaw, fried egg, cilantro and spicy Siracha mayo

Asian Meatball Sandwich $7, homemade ground pork and beef in house sweet tomato sauce, carrot cucumber slaw, cilantro and house-made special sauce

Banh Mi Sandwich $7, thin sliced marinated pork, pate' mayo, cucumber carrot daikon slaw, cilantro, jalapeno

Sliders and sandwiches come with hand cut fries

Delivery available! Call 307-335-5321
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