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Puzzled 307 Escape Room coming to Lander in June!

Wyoming's newest interactive escape room - Puzzled 307 Escape Room!

Coming in June to Lander Puzzled 307 Escape Room is a thrilling new form of entertainment. Locked in a themed room with other participants, teams of 4 to 10 must work together to solve puzzles, find clues and ultimately, escape the room. But, you only have 60 minutes - so you must work quickly and collaboratively.

Are you game? 933 Main St., Suite 1, 335-5585.

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Escape Room: DaVinci's Office

You and yur fellow explorers have found a long hidden room of one of the greatest minds the world has ever known - Leonardo DaVinci. As you marvel at his masterpieces his intellect and wit return from the past to play a trick on you ... the door to his secret room locks behind you. But the great maestro has left you everything you need to find your way out. do you have what it takes to match wits with the great leonardo DaVinci?
Contact Information
phone: 307-335-5585
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