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Lander Bodyworks New Member Special - 25% off
Looking for strength and wellness? We?ve got you covered! Fabulous Fit-February!

We offer a variety of fitness and wellness classes to inspire you. We would love to help you reach your goals. From strength to Spin to Zumba and Antigravity, let us help create your path to fitness. Start this now with 25% off new memberships through 2-28-2019.

Sign up for classes by either visiting and clicking to sign up for a membership here, or downloading the MindBody app on your smartphone and searching for Lander Bodyworks. 
Please call us directly to sign up for a discounted membership at 307-840-4743



5:30 am - Mind Over Matter with Jedd
12:00 pm – Barre with Laura L.
12:00 pm – Get R Done with Sophie
5:30 pm – Ro-Worx with Laura L.
6:15 pm – Anti-Gravity with Amy

5:30 am – Barre with Laura B.
12:00 pm - TRX Circuit with Sophie
5:30 pm – Spin with Mike
5:30 pm – Zumba with Sophie

5:30 am - Spin with Amy
8:15 am – RIPPED with Rebecca
12:00 pm – Anti-Gravity with Rene
5:30 pm – SHRED with Laura L.
5:30 pm – Hot Core, Glutes, and MORE with Monica

5:30 am – TRX with Jim
12:00 pm - RIPPED with Sophie
5:30 pm – Spin with Mike
5:30 pm – Buti with Monica

5:30 am - Mind Over Matter with Jedd
8:15 am – Zumba with Amy
12:00 pm – SHRED with Laura L.

9:00 am – Rotating class announced ahead of time.
Contact Information
phone: (307) 840-4743
Offer Valid: February 11, 2019February 28, 2019
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