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Upcoming at Lander Art Center

Summer Class Schedule and opportunities for artists

The Summer Class Schedule is Live!

Visit our website to see youth and adult classes we will be offering this summer.

Signup for Summer Arts Camps is available now to Supporter level members and above.

General registration will open on Monday May 6th at 8am at the Parks and Rec building in City Park. Online registrations will be available at 12pm on Monday May 6th. 



AtLAS' "Popo Agie Gold"

Electrical Box Wrap Artwork Contest

Submission Deadline: June 1

Theme: Popo Agie Watershed (can include important landmarks or uses of water)

DetailsAtLAS is looking for artwork submissions that will be used to wrap the electrical boxes on Lander’s Main Street. Our goal is that this fun public art project will add vibrancy to our town and educate the public about the Popo Agie Watershed. 

-Files need to be submitted as PDF to with subject line: Electrical Box SubmissionIncluded in the email needs to be: name of artist, email, phone number, and title of work. 

-Submissions must not use large areas (over 20%) of any dark color. 

-Selected artists will receive an award of $200 if work is selected. 

-We can accept only original work in any media

-Artists are welcome to submit a previously created piece as long as the artist owns the rights to the work.  

-Lander Art Center will own the physical work but the artist will maintain ownership of the design and may reproduce it. 

-Artists will need to approve the layout of their artwork on the electrical box after artwork is selected. 

-It is encouraged that artists create something that is tailored to the three dimensional format of the electrical boxes.

Casper, WY undertook a similar project. Images of the results can bee seen here. AtLAS connects the community through dynamic integration of art and science. It successfully fosters collaboration among Lander's diverse artists, scientists, partnering nonprofits, and agencies to benefit its rural community. AtLAS' Popo Agie Gold project focuses on educating the community on the importance of maintaining it's health and celebrating water as a precious resource.


Lander Brewing Company

Label Contest


Attention artists/graphic designers! We, Lander Brewing Co, are doing artwork requests for the once a year batch of our session IPA, the Quickdraw Cowboy. We make this beer once each year in support and donation to the International Climbers Festival event and to CWCA.

The inspiration for Quickdraw Cowboy comes from the local mix of traditional western culture (quick draw a pistol) and the modern outdoors scene (quickdraw climbing equipment). It is light and refreshing with a complex hop character.

Payment will be a $200 dollar gift card to Cowfish for any artist interested. Inquiries can be emailed to and interest will be accepted until June 1st.

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